Improving Greensboro


Marikay believes that a modern and well-maintained Infrastructure ties in to Economic Development that brings employers to the City.  Maintaining and improving our water and sewer infrastructure along with our transportation needs and road maintenance serve the public in various ways.  One of the most visible ways she ensures that our infrastructure is maintained is by serving as chairwoman of the Municipal Planning Organization that brings in county and surrounding municipality representatives monthly to discuss improvements in transportation, road improvements. bicycle and pedestrian concerns and projected solutions.


Marikay is passionate about making sure that Greensboro residents feel safe and secure in their homes and places of employment.  She is continuously active in many policing initiatives. Marikay is most proud of her involvement with the Family Justice Center and watched it take shape from its beginning into a model program and facility that has greatly reduced the incidences of domestic violence in our city and our county.

Marikay is equally supportive of the Fire Department. Its ISO1 rating ensures that the citizens of Greensboro has one of the lowest homeowner insurance rates available. Our Fire Department has outreach initiatives with programs to replace smoke detectors, install smoke detectors and CO2 monitors and has several programs to teach families and children about Fire safety.

She supports the critical GM911Public Safety division. Dispatchers are the first to speak with those who are in distress and are trained in National, State and Local Programs.


As a member of the City Council’s Economic Development Committee, Marikay has supported and helped plan many Economic Development Endeavors.  A few of those are: shovel ready site implementation with a revolving loan pool for companies willing to improve sites, focusing on workforce development needs from company input and focus on public investment on high impact priority projects in targeted areas, corridors and impact zones.


While Marikay believes that Public Safety, Infrastructure and Economic Development are most important for a healthy city, she also believes that residents should have places to enjoy their family time. She is a proponent of our Parks and Recreation department our Public Libraries. Greensboro’s fabulous parks allow our families to  have time to enjoy our green spaces, recreation centers and trails. With a top-rated Library system, Marikay believes we encourage our residents to further their knowledge and enjoy reading and multimedia available throughout the City.