It is my pleasure to officially inform you that your candidacy for At-Large member of the Greensboro City Council has been endorsed by the 506 members of the Professional Fire Fighters of Greensboro.

You have consistently demonstrated your support for public safety, and public safety employees, through your voting record on issues of importance to our organization. Your support of increased staffing on Greensboro Fire Department ladder companies in 2014 helped to make this city safer for both citizens and firefighters alike. Addi-tionally, your opposition to proposed cuts in worker’s compensation benefits has as-sisted City employees in staying financially sound when they’re impacted by a job re-lated injury. Finally, we also want to thank you for consistently participating in our charitable and community events. You truly are a friend to Greensboro’s firefighters and we appreciate and value your support.

We look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of our great City together.

Please do not hesitate contact me with any needs your campaign might have.


Greensboro Fire Fighters Endorsement for Marikay Abuzuaiter

Dave Coker
Professional Fire Fighters of Greensboro IAFF Local 947